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Inquiries about our training, please contact us via email or leave your name, contact number, and brief message at (410) 921-9188.
Maryland Training:  Tuesday and Thursday nights 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the front room of 7180 Troy Hill Drive, Suite G, Elkridge, MD 21075 (In the main entrance area of Watchdog Krav Maga).


Training in the St Robert, Missouri area

Please email:




Arizona Bujinkan Ninpo and Budo Kai

Bujinkan Ryusui Dojo (Taiwan)

武神館柳垂道場 (台灣)

Warrior Information Network


Bujinkan Buyu Dojo USA


Recommended Events - Updated Monthly

Spring 2024 - Don Roley sensei, Bujinkan Seitaku Dojo, Elkridge, Maryland. Long time Japan training resident and senior Bujinkan instructor (Dates coming soon).


The Pacific Northwest Bujinkan is sponsoring Toshiro Nagato, soke of Shinden Fudo Ryu July 26, 2024, Portland, Oregon.

Dayton Ohio Bujinkan Dojo is sponsoring several senior Bujinkan instructors.


Sean Askew, Dai-Shihan, May 4, 2024


Paul Masse, Dai-Shihan, June 7-9, 2024


Duncan Stewart, Dai-Shihan, June 19-21, 2024 


Bujinkan Seitaku Dojo Japan Trip 2024, dates coming soon. 

Bujinkan Liverpool, UK - 2024 Tai Kai with Koji Furuta, soke of Kumogakure Ryu and Shoshi Nakagawa, Dai-Shihan, 12-13 October 2024. 

Peter and Moonshadow Crocoll, Bujinkan Seitaku Dojo, Elkridge, Maryland. Junan Taiso and Taijutsu, October 2024, dates coming soon. 

Yukio Noguchi, soke of Koto Ryu Koppojutsu and Bujinkan Dai-Shihan, for the second time at Las Vegas, Nevada in 2025 (Dates forthcoming). Please see highlights from the 2024 Chicago event 

More event dates for local, U.S. and Worldwide seminars coming soon. 

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