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Lee Relf
Judan Kugyo, Lead Instructor
Maryland, USA

My training started in the arts of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu as a student of Mr. Peter Crocoll at the Arizona Bujinkan Ninpo and Budo Kai in 1984. Since I have traveled and trained with many instructors in Japan, Europe, and throughout the United States. My goal is to provide a safe, but challenging training environment for anyone interested in learning the arts of the Bujinkan Dojo. Judan, Dai-Shihan, Kugyo Happo Biken.

Tony C.
Godan, Shidoshi
St Robert, MO, USA
I have trained under Mr. Relf since 1997. I have traveled and trained with many instructors under several different styles and systems throughout Korea, Europe, and the US.
Brian G.
Godan, Shidoshi
Maryland, USA

Marc B.
Maryland, USA
Additional affiliated instruction near Boston, MA and Tucson, AZ. 
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