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The Seitaku Dojo focuses on the teachings found within the Bujinkan Dojo (Divine Warrior Training Hall) organization, founded and led by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Soke (Grandmaster) of nine Japanese martial traditions. These nine arts are known today as Ninjutsu, Samurai Bugei, including Jujutsu, with associated arts. The term Jujutsu, is an older terminology of the art known today as Jiujitsu, for us referring to a time period or techniques of Japanese martial arts which are non-sportive in nature, derived from a wide scope of engagements discovered from battlefield to personal self-defense situations.

Martial Arts of the Bujinkan Dojo and current soke, head of system or grandmasters of each system we study.


Gyokko-ryu, Tetsuji Ishizuka 


Koto-ryu, Yukio Noguchi 



Togakure-ryu, Takumi Tsutsui 


Kukishinden-ryu, Yoshio Iwata 


Shinden Fudo-ryu, Toshiro Nagato 


Takagi Yoshin-ryu, Norio Sakasai 


Gikan-ryu, Norio Sakasai 


Gyokushin-ryu, Jun'ichi Kan 


Kumogakure-ryu, Koji Furuta 

Our intent is to provide useful training, bringing forth defensive and other martial art principles which can and are used in today's modern world. Our overall goal is self awareness and development through a wide variety of situational training modules. 

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